Master Thesis research opening at Empact Impact consultants, on the field of sustainability and change management

When you are almost finished with your MSc. Economy, Business or a related study and you want to develop yourself in the field of Sustainability, ESG and CSR, this could be interesting for you. Empact is looking for a graduate student with a heart and mind for society at large.

We see that the why- and what-questions of sustainability within organisations are being answered. But the how-question is the biggest and most difficult one. Existing organisations are in transition towards a sustainable and more impact-driven model of operations. They change and the people within those organisations need to change too. Real sustainable change as a fixed component of everybodys daily work, will be the challenge for the upcoming decade. We expect a strong need for knowledge and understanding the change dimensions. That is why we are developing our own tools and ideas for this. Now we have an opening for a master student on:

Sustainability and change management

Our idea on the research you can do is not set in stone and mostly up to you. You can use change management insights like Burke-Litwin, the Kotter’s 8-step change or the ADKAR change management model and plot them into the sustainability context. You can also use individual change theories like the Kubler-Ross Change Curve or the Goldsmit Wheel of Change to help you identify the drivers of sustainable change. These theories seem very scientific, but Empact is about bringing science to life in its daily advisory practice. So developing a new theory is not our objective, but applying existing theories in the sustainability and CSR context, is. We help you to find the right research question and guide you on your path.

Your profile

  • Master student
  • Economics, business or another study which matches the topics
  • Conscious about the people and our planet
  • Smart and the ambition to make an impact
  • Fluent in Dutch and English as you will be working for the Dutch market on an international topic
  • Self-starter
  • Starting date to be discussed

Your guide
Martin de Jong, founder of Empact will guide you if needed. Martin is very experienced in the research topic (knowledge) and how important change management and respective skills are. Next to that Martin, already helped more than 15 master students to grow, learn and deliver their thesis. Martin is also a part-time lecturer of the UvA, FEB.

About Empact
Empact Consultany is a boutique management consulting firm based in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and Cologne (Germany). We are in business to enable our customers to successfully deliver on their ambitions on ESG, CSR, RBC and sustainability. We keep their business in mind and at the same time guide them on their individual journey to make a positive impact on planet and people. EMPACT – ENGAGING WITH IMPACT.


Give Martin a call on 06-45770809 or send your CV and motivation letter to

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