Developing and executing a compelling ESG strategy

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General management, ESG/CSR staff, shareholders, investors (PEs and VCs)

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Complying with ESG legislation is a must-do and though it has a positive impact on people and planet and generates some value for the business, the full benefits for a company also translate into top-line drivers, increased profitability, resilience reducing the negative financial impacts of economic downturns will be achieved by including an ESG strategy at the core of the business.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Developing an ESG strategy (mission, goals, values)
  • Executing an ESG strategy (bottom-up/top-down, setting up governance structures)
  • Establishing an ESG culture (communication, remuneration/incentives, tools)
  • Creation of competitive advantages by differentiation
  • Measuring ESG goals
  • Benefits of an ESG strategy

It will also trigger conversations among the participants who probably would not in day-to-day work discuss this topic in a structured and guided way. The different perspectives on this will add valuable insights into how to tackle ESG. The workshop will include discussions dealing with your individual company set-up, identify chances, obstacles, and possible next steps. After finishing the workshop you will have documented and actionable to-dos for your business.

Prior to the workshop, our consultants will have a briefing call with you to understand your motivation, objectives, and status quo and perform desktop research on your company and respective industry to tailor the workshop to your needs.

In person (if you prefer, the workshop can also be done online, but due to the interactive nature of the workshop we recommend having it in person)

One day (6-8 hours with lunch and coffee breaks)

4,000 EUR (excl. VAT) for up to 20 participants

Your company’s premises or an external location (causes additional costs)

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