How we work

Empact’s objective is to create a permanent ‘sustainable’ impact. And that can only be achieved together, with our customer. We need to align and co-create, whilst adopting a project-based, agile approach. Results and mutual obligation are key. Plus flexibility and freedom to change the strategy execution based on incremental understanding.


All projects start and finish together and require working in conjunction throughout – be it remotely or side by side. What’s important is involving those both inside and outside of the organisation. Methods like brainstorming, workshops and co-creation sessions are essential, as well as surveys and conversations with your peers.


Depending on the project we decide whether an external consultant is required, or if the role can be filled internally. We’re looking for mutual understanding and a good working dynamic.


Empact consists of a group of flexible members, with Martin de Jong as the spearhead. Together we are passionate about social impact, driving us in unison.


By aligning strategy and social value the societal impact will soon be realized by the whole organisation. Here at Empact we can help to make this a reality, sometimes using additional tools. Technology can help – the use of artificial intelligence and big data can be indispensable – and it’s for this reason that we use these initiatives.

Our customers


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