Key component 2: Measurement

How do we measure our ESG activities?

Businesses’ decisions and judgements are usually based on figures and numbers as they are easy to understand and allow for comparing. Figures and KPIs are the language management, department leads, and investors use to manage their business and base their decisions on. Financial metrics are already highly sophisticated, and standardised systems are widely available and allow to quickly analyse the past, predict the future, and compile budgets. However, ESG measurement is still a young discipline but vital for successful sustainability management and implementation. We will help you understand how to design meaningful KPIs and measurement tools and implement them business-wide.

We apply a model that distinguishes between input, output, outcome, and impact for this purpose. The “capitals” an organisation uses (e.g., assets, materials, and human workforce) are the input and output, the actual services and products that a business delivers to its customers. The outcome is what your customers do with your products and service and the impact refers to the societal value of the output. We will help you to understand your impact at every stage and translate it into tangible figures and KPIs usable for your reporting and steering purposes.

Our advisory services include:

  • Defining your relevant KPIs and compilation of respective dashboards
  • Implementing processes and documentation to create the relevant, underlying data
  • Designing measuring tools and dashboards along with common frameworks like the OECD guidelines, the 17 UN SDG goals or along with your individual ESG approach

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