Stage 1: Compliance

How do we get compliant?

In the EU and some EU member states, the regulations and laws on ESG have already and will accelerate tremendously in the next years so that businesses are forced to pay more attention to their ESG compliance. Meeting governmental regulations is one aspect of ESG compliance, but in a broader ESG context nowadays, compliance is more than just a “ticking the box” exercise on governmental regulations. ESG compliance also means acting along with good business ethics.

We will help you to understand what ESG compliance in a narrow and broader sense means for your organisation and bring it to life. Our advisory services include:

  • Analysing your current ESG compliance status and respective gap analysis
  • Writing and implementing relevant policies (e.g., code of conduct, board committee charter and corporate governance report, anti-bribery & anti-corruption policy, antitrust and anti-competition policy, whistleblowing policy, social policy, human rights policy, health and safety policy, community relations policy, environmental management policy, stakeholder policy)
  • Establishing your stakeholder management approach (e.g., stakeholder mapping, analysis, prioritisation, and engagement strategy)
  • Preparing you to obtain an ESG rating
  • Preparing you to either report under the CSRD or a voluntary reporting standard (e.g., GRI)*
  • Setting up and training a team at your businesses that takes care of your ESG compliance needs

Empact is not a legal, auditing or tax advisory firm and thus cannot be held responsible or liable for any potential legal or tax implications deriving from its advisory services.

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