Stage 3: Operational efficiencies and synergies

How do we optimise our operations?

Reduction in CO2 emissions and responsible energy use is the topic of today’s economy and society. Therefore, the EU introduced the “Green Deal” with far-reaching measurements to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. These regulations will lead to a change in how operations are run in the future, and energy will be sourced.

As every business setup is individual, this topic should be tailored to your company. This stage includes mainly, but not exclusively, the environmental part: We will help you to identify how to use and source energy differently, introduce more sustainable ways of producing, and reduce waste and water. But also, human capital is vital in the operational context. We will also support you in developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. This task takes time as it is not a one-off topic to change the current business culture, but in the mid- and long-term leads to a better performance of your overall business. To gain the most benefits on the environmental and human performance of your business, it should be framed by a solid governance structure that includes the clear distribution of responsibilities and your company should report transparently about it. Dashboards, KPIs, and steering mechanisms will transform the gathered achievements and data into practical business intelligence.

Our advisory services include:

  • Analysing your current operational ESG status and identifying opportunities
  • Delivering an environmental plan to reduce energy consumption, waste and water
  • Transforming your operations towards circularity
  • Measuring and reducing your CO2 footprint
  • Optimising human capital by exploring your opportunities
  • Gathering reliable business intelligence by developing dashboards, KPIs and solid governance structures, e.g., by RACIs

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